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Taking a holiday in the land with future-oriented spirit
Upper Austria is synonymous with innovation, progress and forward-thinking energy.It’s a leading Austrian state in the areas of technology, business and industry, and it is precisely this future-focused spirit that gives flight to tourism in Upper Austria. As an agile marketing and service organisation, Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH bolsters Upper Austria's tourism and leisure industry. It develops new markets, drives innovation forward, and is committed to helping tourist destinations and businesses thrive. As part of this commitment, the wants and needs of our visitors remain firmly in our sights. Consequently, this state tourism office is instrumental in creating value for the Upper Austrian tourism and leisure industry, as well as more generally for Upper Austria itself.

Upper Austria scores high in quality of life
Upper Austria racks up the points for its nature, landscapes and traditions. Boasting 2,100 kilometres of cycling trails and 3,000 kilometres of mountain biking routes, it is deservedly among Europe's top destinations for cycling tourism. 10,000 kilometres of well-marked hiking trails offer a home patch bursting with diverse activity. Jewels of culture and history – whether relics from the Hallstatt period, monasteries or museums – are all to be found scattered throughout the state. The range of leisure options on offer is also marked by a wealth of sporting pursuits: skiing, water sports, horse riding, golf, and much more.

Its central location and excellent accessibility make Upper Austria a first-rate meeting point for conferences, events and seminars. The Convention Bureau has 50 members all over Upper Austria and makes a strong contribution to business tourism.

The thermal spas and health resorts of Upper Austria provide rest and relaxation for mind, body and soul, not to mention medical/therapeutic competence in a restorative atmosphere. And finally, there's the pure pleasure to be had from regional specialities: from lake-caught fish to beer specialities to the most popular holiday activities among our visitors.

The landscapes of Upper Austria – a popular spot for guests
The landscapes of Upper Austria are just as varied as the array of tourism options they provide. From the undulating hills of the Granitland in the north, the Mühlviertel region, the Danube region with its picturesque spots, to the sophisticated regional capital of Linz; through to the Salzkammergut region in the south, which brims with mountains and lakes, and on to the alpine Pyhrn-Priel region and the densely forested Kalkalpen National Park.

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