Delegation from Switzerland visited Upper Austria

Delegation from Switzerland © Business Upper Austria
Delegation from Switzerland © Business Upper Austria


On November 19th a delegation from Switzerland visited Softwarepark Hagenberg, the hotspot for digitalization in Upper Austria. The delegation was organized by the society eGov-Schweiz in cooperation with Consulting Cluster and ICT Switzerland.

First of all the visitors were informed about Upper Austria as a location for business and digitalization, the role of the Upper Austrian location agency Business Upper Austria, the IT-Cluster and the Information Security Networks. Further topics were the research fields of FHOÖ, Johannes Kepler University (LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab) and Software Competence Center Hagenberg. The products and services of Akarion, Nimbusec and Limes Security were also presented. After all everyone agreed, that the visit was a great opportunity for networking. The Swiss were very impressed by the innovative power of Upper Austria.